Wednesday Warm Up!

Here at Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness the training never stops!!! We want our members to get the most out of their workouts in and outside of the gym.  Check out this week’s Wednesday Warm Up with Fitness Trainers Curt & Adam!


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2016 Summer Safety Tips

With summer in full swing, most of us want to get out and enjoy the warm weather among friends and family.  With the days longer and the nights warmer, beaches will be packed, barbecues will be lit and everyone will be looking to have some summer fun.  That being said, here are some tips to keep your summer not only fun, but safe for all to enjoy.

Know when it’s time to come out of the sun! Heat stroke is a common problem for individuals who work outside or for anyone planning a long day in the heat.  Be sure to drink plenty of water or drinks with electrolytes such as Gatorade to replace lost fluids.  It is also important to know the warning signs!  If you start experiencing muscle cramping and light sweating turns to profuse sweating, it is time to cool off.  Other early signs of heat stroke include headache, confusion, dizziness, rapid pulse and red skin.  If you experience any of these signs allow the body to cool down.

Water safety is key in the summer.  Never leave children unattended in the water, make sure whoever is supervising the water can swim and know when it is time to come out of the water.  If you see a child who has been swimming all day and their lips turn blue and they begin to shiver, they need to come out of the water and allow their body to warm up before returning to swim.

Be sure to protect your skin in the summer whether it is with sun screen, light clothing or bug repellent.  This year especially, mosquito and mosquito borne illnesses are something to be worried about.  Be sure to use bug repellent with DEET and cover your skin with light colored clothing while in the woods to prevent tick bites.  When in the woods or outdoors, keep an eye out for nests and hives of stinging insects. Know the signs of an allergic reaction and seek medical attention immediately if necessary.

When it comes to sunscreen, make it part of your daily routine.  After your morning shower apply a minimum of SPF 15 and let it soak in fully and remember to reapply after swimming or a few hours in the sun.  Avoid the sun at the strongest hours of the day when possible (12-3) and wear hats and other articles of clothing to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Food safety is another important part of summer fun.  Make sure that all items that contain dairy, meat or poultry are kept cold, stored properly and are kept in the shade at outdoor barbecues.   When grilling, ALWAYS dispose of propane tanks properly.  NEVER throw a propane tank into a fire.

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The Spoon Theory

Every day I get the privilege to come to work in an environment so dynamic that no day is ever truly the same.  Today I had the privilege to work with a new member.  During our initial consultation we got to talking about her drive home after a long day and a workout.  At first I thought I could relate.  Any drive after a long day and especially after a hard workout takes effort.  But she insisted that I didn’t understand.  As the conversation continued, she expressed that each day with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is different.  Levels of fatigue fluctuate daily, which means every single task depletes her “energy reserve”.  This can make simple daily activities like taking a shower or washing the dishes after a meal a task that requires so much foresight it can be mentally exhausting.

As we continued on she suggested that I went home and read a piece called The Spoon Theory which is written by a woman with Lupus.  The author artistically frames how living with a disability forces the individual to choose how they “use their spoons”.  I think this is something that needs to be shared because personally, I always thought I at least partially understood what living with a disability could be like.  Everyone has their barriers, some more than others.  But the Spoon Theory is an explanation that brings a level of understanding to something that is profoundly complex.   I highly suggest you read The Spoon Theory and please share your thoughts & comments below!

Kind Words from our Members

This is something that just had to be shared!  The staff at Chapter 126 can’t stop smiling! Check out this awesome email one of our hard working members just sent us!  It is emails like this that remind us of why we do what we do.  It is one thing to be a part of someone’s life, but to really make a difference is a gift.

“Good Afternoon!
Chapter 126, Sports and Fitness!! I think angels sent down this wonderful place! All of you are nothing short of kind, helpful and absolutely accommodating to me! I always have a great time at Chapter 126. Exercising is just plain fun! I’m never patronized at. I’m treated very well and am very comfortable.  
I would highly recommend Chapter 126 to all my friends. It doesn’t matter if they crave exercise or sports. Anybody who’d come to Chapter 126 would be pampered. Since March 27, 2015, I have benefited from some really neat activities.HOORAY FOR CHAPTER 126!!! Finally! There is a place where I am no longer considered ‘Handicapped.'” -Pam

“Chapter 126 is the best. I feel physically and mentally fit after each and every class. The staff makes everyone feel special , very professional and at the same time personal. I am very proud of these young people and happy to be a member of this fitness center. I have made new friends which make it fun to work out and socialize with. Thanks so much for Chapter 126 for making me healthier and happy”.” -Nancy

We want to make a difference in your life, too!  As New England’s first adaptive sports and fitness facility, there is something for EVERYbody!  Check out our website or stop by our facility for a tour today!


4 Ways to Train like an Olympian

With the Olympics opening ceremony beginning in less than 3 months, we are beginning to be overwhelmed with billboards, commercials, shop windows, you name it in the name of Team USA.  Are you someone who has the Olympic bug?  Can’t get enough of the Olympic trials and news on ESPN?  What better way to get in the Olympic season into full swing than to incorporate Olympic sports and training styles into your workout routine?!

Cycling: using a bicycle or arm ergometer is a great way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your regular workout routine.  Cycling uses all of the major muscle groups and can lead to improved cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength if performed regularly.  Other benefits include improve joint flexibility and mobility, improved posture and decreased stress and anxiety.  Beyond that, cycling can vary by time and intensity so the user can build their routine at their own pace.

Swimming: it is no secret that swimmers are in incredible shape from head to toe.  This is because swimming is virtually the perfect workout.  The buoyancy of the water allows the person to exercise with virtually little to no impact on their joints while receiving continual resistance from the water.  There are also various ways to exercise in the water whether it is traditional swimming, water aerobics, water walking, water yoga and more.  This allows the swimmer to have a full body workout you can target specific muscles and muscle groups.  The possibilities are really endless when it comes to working out in the water.

Boxing: Boxing as a sport requires quite a bit of athletic and prowess: strength, speed, agility, coordination, and endurance are just touching the tip of the ice berg.  Boxing as a fitness activity enables the person to harbor those same skills without having to worry about getting hit.  The average heavy bag is approximately 100lbs and all that punching, kicking and focus over time can lead to some serious gains.  Beyond that boxing is some serious cardio that is way more interesting and has so many more benefits than the treadmill.

Weight training: Weight training like an Olympic athlete takes time and training, especially if you want to perform Olympic style lifts.  Regular weight training can be done with little to no experience and the person can experience the same benefits.  Weight training with the appropriate amount of weight with proper form can lead to an overall change in body composition including increases of muscular strength and lean muscle mass as well as a decrease in body fat.  By increasing muscle mass, resting metabolic rate also improves which can lead to weight loss.  Finally one of the biggest benefits of strength training, especially for women is improved bone density.  By loading the bones and muscles with more weight, it causes the bones to restructure and overtime become stronger.

Remember the 2016 Rio Olympics are in just short 88 days! Take your training as serious as an Olympian and you could be the one wearing gold😉